What we offer

RaaS – Referral as a Service

TINK is a cloud based “Referral as a Service” software. Our tool increases sales, improves conversion rates and maximizes sales and marketing performance, making social referral selling measurable in real time and measuring ROI of Word of Mouth Marketing.
Each company can choose its rewards: Cash rewards, company products, future discounts or customer loyalty program points.
Our platform can also be integrated with different CRM´s, ERP´s or other SaaS platforms.
Tink is the only way for corporations to be present and visible on people´s social networks and not only on corporate profiles. It also allows marketing and sales professionals to be present on their customer´s instant messaging services like “Whatsapp”.

Referral automation & ROI

Our clients decide the scope and reach of their referral campaigns in order to obtain the best ROI from social referral selling. Our platform measures real time performance and delivers referral analytics live, allowing companies to optimize their campaign creation and digitalizing Word of Mouth marketing. Companies receive benchmark data, which allows for constant improvements and iteration.
Our fully automated social referral platform capitalizes on the connectivity of employees and / or consumers and offers TINK technology to track effective campaigns and boost them.
We make Word of Mouth Marketing more quantifiable for both ecommerce and offline clients.

Customer loyalty Program

We turn clients and employees into company or brand ambassadors and we empower them to become spoke persons of their company´s products or services. We also increase customer retention by offering discounts for Tinkers future purchases, so that existing customers attract new customers and are rewarded with special discounts for purchases in the same company.
Referred customers generate a 20% higher average order value, they are 25% more profitable over their lifetimes and they are 4 times more likely to refer additional customers.
TINK identifies and rewards brand lovers, brand or company advocates and successful influencers.

Social and Passive sales

The Sales Funnel or Conversion Funnel normally ends when the sale is made, but why not extend the funnel?
Tink activates existing customers and offers an additional step to generate more sales; it is what we call “Passive post Sales Funnel” or “Passive Post Conversion Funnel”.
With this added step, we incentivize employees or customers to generate new leads and we reach new potential customers who were initially not interested or aware of a specific product. We boost lead generation through referrals and increase the number of potential customers including them in the upper part of the sales funnel.

New sales and marketing channel C to C

Our direct sales and marketing channel boosts consumer-to-consumer communication and humanizes and personalizes the sales process. The information is shared by human beings and not by corporations.
One of the greatest added values of selling through social referral programs is that it allows companies to be present on Instant Messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Line, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. There is no other way for a company to advertise or to increase sales through these networks if it is not through CtoC communication.